Agreement to Hannah (Response to Peer: Hannah)

In Hannah Stone’s posted response to ‘The Facebook Generation,” I found myself nodding my head in agreement with her.

She states, “While reading Stacy M. Kitsis’s “The Facebook Generation: Homework as Social Networking,” I was thinking about Dr. Levy’s composition class. I definitely think I try harder to write something decent because I know my classmates will be hearing it. If you’re not writing for an audience, what’s the point? (Yeah, yeah, self-expression, self-realization, etc.)”

Writing for an audience gives your work a specific purpose, and I think that it is important to publish/share you work with others because it makes it more meaningful.  It also will help students learn that content and messages will vary depending on the type of audience and the purpose of the piece.  Students often times struggle in understanding this… It would be a great way to teach them… the way you write to your friends on Facebook will not be the same as the way you write to a panel of judges.

I also like that Hannah is hoping to implement the Feather Circle: “In my future classroom, I intend to use the feather circle (under a new name) to have students showcase their writing.”  I have had experience with this, and I must say to her that Hannah you must focus on the workshop part!! You will need to model with your students how a workshop should work because students have a very difficult time understanding how to provide proper feedback!  You will need to teach them this!

Furthermore, Hannah also states, “It’s important to me to create a community, and I think an online response system can be helpful.”  It is important to do this, but you will also need to make sure you create a safe community as Wilber states in I-write.  Students need to feel comfortable, safe, and confident to be able to do this successfully, and you will also need to model this for them, show them examples possibly from your own classes that you have taken.

Hannah also brings up the point: “both present the problem of *technology.* Some students may not have computers or internet access at home, but Kitsis says students can use the media center before or after school. This is true, but some students may not be able to control how early they get to school or how late they can stay. In addition, they may not have ample time anyway to really focus on their writing.”  This is also true, but without the online platform, I do not think students will be as willing to respond to each other’s work or question each other’s work in an appropriate way.  I do not know that having students respond on paper to each other on each other’s work is exactly the way to journal properly because students can be extremely hateful to one another, and they can do this very discreetly without you knowing who wrote it, where as online, their name or their pseudo name will be tagged to it!  And,  whatever they write on the computer will never fully disappear!


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