How Do I Implement This in the Classroom? (Response to Chapter 4 I-Write)

Wilber states, “It is possible to use free online resources to blog, create a wiki, and present digital stories, and there are many more inexpensive options.”  This is true; however, I do not think this is the reason why teachers do not utilize these tools in the classroom.  It is because it takes time and learning experience to understand and use these tools to be able to help students when implementing them into the classroom.  I know that most students know more and can learn more about these tools faster than their “old teachers,” but it is the fact that the teacher does not know or is not comfortable with the tools that deters them; they are simply afraid to look like they have no clue how to do it in front of their students.  With that being said, I know that there are teachers that are using or attempting to use these tools in constructive ways in the classroom, but it still takes time, and time is of the essence in the classroom when you are trying to “prepare” students for tests!

I am interested in the number of ways that a teacher can blog with students that Wilber states.  I have only tried one way in the classroom, but I hope to try other ways this coming school year.  Once, I get my class blog started, I will be adding it to this post and/or my personal blog.  However, I am going to keep a class blog in which I will post information for parents and students because I think the blog will be more user friendly and more interesting than the class website that I used last year to try and keep people informed.  I also like the concept of the collaborative blog.  I feel this will be a great way to get students started into blogging without them having to manage their own blogs.  I can also keep a closer eye on the content that students post when there is only one blog.  However, if someone knows a way to manage student blogs easily, please let me know.  I also think that having the collaborative blog would be better because I think some students are going to lack in motivation trying to keep up and post on their own blogs.  But, the only way to know is to have them try…

Another interesting part of the chapter was with the Digital Story.  I think this would be great to implement when teaching the narrative, or even for use of persuasion or informative writing.  I think that creating a digital story will really help students to understand how important that writing process stages are to creating a cohesive and well polished piece.  Often times students love to just skip over writing rough drafts and/or editing and proofreading.  However, this will visually show them the importance of creating a good piece.  I have seen great examples of this at work!  My media center specialist sent me a link to a teacher’s blog where she posted a whole unit about Human Trafficking/Slavery, and her students created a digital story with it, which was extremely interesting and compelling.



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